"My old friend Bill"

Thanks Bill for giving me the opportunity to understand best friends dogs. Thanks Bill for teaching me so much in this business for a trainer that I love and want. And Thanks Bill, especially, for being my best friend.

Nacho Arias
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Hotel and animal kennel

Facilities are super luxury, have been created to provide convenience and comfort to your best friend or pet.

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Training without violence, and without abuse, guaranteed. We train to remove the bad habits of your dog.

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"Dog Training School Dog Narub" in Madrid

Dog trainers in Madrid: Trains your puppy

In the "Training School for Dogs Canine Narub" and rehabilitation in Navalcarnero dog near to Madrid, we offer our luxurious facilities for training, education and training dogs, pets, birds, and other animals. We have over 20 years of experience providing dog training and dog training for all breeds of dogs. We'll teach you to train puppies for good habits of conduct. We have the best dog trainers and practitioners are referred to as Telemadrid television media and Castilla La Mancha TV and we are pleased to make dog training many footballers and athletes such as Fernando Torres and Alberto Contador among others, which have trusted for many years in the "Dog Training School Dog Narub" Navalcarnero (Madrid).


Hotel ***** and kennel and animals in Madrid

Temporal Kennels for training and treatments

The best rooms and pet boxes with air conditioning and heating service hotel kennel of "Dog Training School Dog Narub" in Madrid and daycare all animals undergoing rehabilitation, vacation periods and veterinary treatment, dogs in heat, cats, dogs and small pets and exotic animals, birds, etc., and webcam so you can see your dog or pet from your home or work.


Treatments for dogs and pets

Hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and rehabilitation

our veterinarians are responsible for the care of pets and animals, canine physiotherapy and rehabilitation in the best facilities in the "Dog Training School Dog Narub". We have a heated pool where water is at a temperature of between 28 and 30 degrees for hydrotherapy treatments, canine psychology classrooms, gym workout, muscle rehabilitation treatments and specialized rooms for dogs and cats, dogs hunting etc ...


Dog training courses in "Dog Training School Dog Narub".

For all breeds of dogs and puppies

all year we give training courses. The best dog trainers will offer courses to train puppies and in custom groups, education and training of all breeds of dogs on weekends. Our dog trainers will help advice you. Open enrollment period of training courses for dogs. Book your dog training course and just send an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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The best dog trainers in Madrid

The "Dog Training School Dog Narub". is 20 minutes from Madrid, in Navalcarnero, have pick-up and delivery. We have large areas for training and dog training and we also have a cafeteria and playground for children entertainment. Specials for our partners, and become a member Narub FREE and benefit of 5% on all services. "Dog Training School Dog Narub".